Gain an edge when developing new products. Access custom adhesives designed specifically for your application, no matter how complex. DermaMed Coatings Company® specializes in producing high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesives for medical, consumer and specialty industrial markets. We do more than offer commodity tapes. What makes us different is our ability to deliver tailored products and the latest technology, and our team of dedicated engineers that can work alongside your team during R&D.

Medical-grade tapes. DermaMed offers medical grade pressure-sensitive tapes for surgery, wound care, electrodes, surgical drapes, wearable devices and consumer/health and beauty applications.

Innovative adhesive solutions. Because of long-standing relationships with suppliers, we can offer the latest high-end, high-tech materials and technologies.

Customized coatings. DermaMed’s experienced engineers work with you to develop a custom adhesive product tailored to meet your needs. Let us be a part of your research and development process. We also act as a consultant, helping you design products using our selection of medical adhesives, specialty substrate and release liners.

Tested for performance. Our laboratory technicians help our customers develop and test adhesive products to ensure optimum results. We evaluate adhesion to steel and HPDE, release, tack, shear, loop and accelerated aging. We use tools like a Polyken Probe Tack and water vapor transmission testing that complies with ASTM E-96.