Protection and Absorbtion From Quality Absorbents

Highly breathable adhesive tapes offer a high moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR). Absorbent adhesive materials help manage the fluid buildup in order to prevent infection and promote wound healing. There’s a growing demand for advanced wound care dressings as the population ages, doctors monitor patients from a distance, and skin contact adhesives stay on the body for longer durations. With DermaMed’s ability to offer unique material constructions, you can customize the adhesive system, face material, adhesion strength, and wear time based on the specific application requirements. Absorbent adhesive tapes and materials are utilized every day in skin-friendly ostomy, neonatal and geriatric applications.

Medical Applications for Absorbent Adhesives

  • Post-operative dressings
  • Direct-contact wound care
  • Ostomy flanges
  • Wearable devices
  • Consumer applications

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Download Absorbants Specification Sheets

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DermaMed leads the way in crafting custom adhesive products, including cutting-edge super-absorbent materials. Backed by a team of adept chemists and adhesive engineers, we’re your partners in revolutionizing medical applications. From post-operative dressings to direct-contact wound care, ostomy flanges, wearable devices, and even consumer applications, our absorbent adhesive solutions empower your innovation. Tap into our wealth of knowledge and advanced manufacturing capabilities to elevate your healthcare applications. Connect with us today and embark on a journey of limitless possibilities!

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