Pressure-Sensitive Polyester Tapes and Films

DermaMed produces a wide range of clear and colored pressure-sensitive polyester tapes and films with multiple degrees of optical clarity. A polyester film backing provides strength and zero stretch in the machine and cross direction. From diagnostic applications to stiffening reinforcement, ask us how we can help with pressure sensitive polyester tapes and films.

Medical Applications for Polyester Tapes

  • Diagnostic test strips
  • Backing cards
  • Pulse oximetry
  • OTC cosmetics

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Download Polyester Films Specification Sheets

Download Polyester Films Specification Sheets

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Experience Excellence with Our Expertise!

DermaMed presents unparalleled innovation driven by adhesive mastery. Tap into the expertise of our team, including a technical department of chemists and adhesive engineers, as we collaborate to redefine possibilities.

Discover flexible solutions with pressure-sensitive polyester films, catering to a diverse array of medical and healthcare demands. Our clear and colored polyester tapes and films offer a multitude of optical clarity levels, backed by the strength and stability of polyester.

From diagnostic test strips to pulse oximetry, DermaMed’s polyester tapes redefine medical solutions. Connect with us now and explore the future of healthcare!

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