Skin-Friendly Breathable Films for Optimal Comfort

Skin-friendly, breathable adhesive film tapes are required in a range of medical and healthcare applications. Because these adhesive films allow skin to breathe naturally, they promote healing and mitigate bacteria and moisture that can trigger infection, while also improving wear time duration. DermaMed can customize a breathable, wearable adhesive solution to accommodate a range of moisture levels and release times. Our innovative films also protect wearables from environmental conditions (moisture, contaminants) and bond device components. From long-term skin-friendly tapes to short-term low-trauma tapes, we can customize a breathable film to meet your specific requirements.

Medical Applications for Breathable Adhesives

  • Medical wearable devices like glucose monitors
  • Wound dressing
  • Bonding medical device components
  • Protecting wearable devices

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Download Breathable Films Specification Sheets

Download Breathable Films Specification Sheets

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Empower Your Innovations with Expertise!

DermaMed’s adhesive mastery is your gateway to enhanced medical solutions. Our adept team, featuring chemists and adhesive engineers, is primed to collaborate.

Discover breathable films that revolutionize wound care and medical wearables. These films combine superior adhesion with moisture vapor transmission, promoting healing while protecting against contaminants.

Elevate your medical wearables, wound dressings, and device bonding with DermaMed’s tailored solutions. Unleash possibilities today!

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