Keep Skin Contact Devices Secure with Transfer Adhesives

Pressure-sensitive, medical-grade transfer adhesives are thin, resilient and long-lasting to adhere to a range of surfaces. Transfer adhesives do not have a carrier, and are provided on a self-wound differential release liner. Most transfer adhesives are provided with a dry edge for easy converting and minimal picking. Pattern-printed transfer adhesives are also available. DermaMed’s customized transfer adhesives suit a range of healthcare and medical device applications, accommodating your required wear time and device weight.

Medical Applications for Transfer Adhesives

  • Surgical and wound care
  • Foam bonding
  • Medical device mounting and construction
  • Wound care moisture management
  • Zone coating converting applications
  • Converting and web handling process aid

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Download Transfer Adhesives Specification Sheets

Download Transfer Adhesives Specification Sheets

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Unlock Solutions with Our Expertise!

DermaMed drives innovation through adhesive mastery. Tap into the expertise of our team, including a technical department of chemists and adhesive engineers, as we redefine possibilities.

Discover tailored transfer adhesives, offering full coverage and pattern-printed options. Designed for specific skin contact and pressure-sensitive needs, these medical-grade adhesives provide long-lasting, resilient bonding.

From wound care to medical device mounting, DermaMed’s transfer adhesives elevate healthcare applications. Connect with us now and transform your medical solutions!

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