Adhesive Solutions for Surgical Drapes

Surgical drape tapes are used in the fabrication and assembly of surgical drapes and for securing the surgical drapes to the patient or to other surfaces in the operating room during surgical procedures.

Incise drape tapes, also known as incise films or surgical incise drapes, are a type of surgical drape tape that is designed to provide a sterile barrier over the surgical site during incision. They are typically made from a transparent film for improved visibility of the surgical site and coated on one side with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and applied directly to the skin.

The choice of surgical drape tape will depend on factors such as the application, the materials being bonded, and the level of adhesion required. It is important to select a tape that is safe, reliable, and appropriate for the specific surgical procedure being performed.

Contact DermaMed for more information about our double-sided tapes for the fabrication and assembly of non-woven, SMS and composite surgical drapes and our single coated polyurethane and polyethylene film incise tape solutions. Our tapes provide a strong, reliable bond and can be easily removed without leaving residue.



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