Medical Diagnostic Adhesives

Medical Diagnostic Adhesives

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Specialty adhesive tapes used to assemble diagnostic devices require specific properties to ensure that there is no interference with the delicate assays found in IVD devices and diagnostic products.

DermaMed produces pressure-sensitive adhesives with no additives or modifiers that could interfere with diagnostic devices’ integrity or function. We consider factors such as environmental conditions, exposures to acids or chemicals, elevated temperatures, and whether there is a need to contain fluids.

When your application requires adhering a medical device to the skin, our pressure-sensitive tapes accommodate sensitive and fragile skin. They are available in woven, non-woven, film and foam materials, and our team partners with you to select the most effective material and design for your needs.

Leverage DermaMed’s supplier relationships and invite us into the R&D process early on as an adhesives resource. Our engineers and chemists bring decades of industry experience and will problem-solve and identify opportunities to advance diagnostics by delivering complementary adhesives. Ask us about samples, prototyping and scalability to take your products from concept to market introduction.

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DermaMed is your partner in producing adhesive coatings for a range of healthcare applications. Tap into the expertise of our team, including a technical department of chemists and adhesive engineers. We’re here to serve you.