Polyethylene Films

DermaMed’s polyethylene film tapes can be utilized for fluid-resistance or for attaching devices to the body. We offer both standard single-coated and double-coated polyethylene film tapes as well as custom solutions with a range of substrate thicknesses and finishes, bond strengths, release times and adhesive formulations. At DermaMed, we can develop specialty polyethylene film tapes to suit your specific needs. When off-the-shelf works for your application, DermaMed is your answer. When the application requires a more unique, custom approach, DermaMed’s team of chemists and technical experts is your solution.

Medical Applications for Polyethylene Films

  • Wearable patches
  • Surgical drape construction
  • Surgical incise film
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)
  • Bilateral tear tape strips
  • OTC finger bandages

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Download Polyethelene Films Specification Sheets

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