Skin-Safe Adhesive Types


Super-absorbent materials go beyond conventional foam dressings to keep fluid away from wounds, promoting faster healing while preventing infection. In addition to providing rapid fluid absorption, absorbents also aid in removing exudate from the wound bed, helping to keep the wound site clean and extend the wear of the dressing.

If you need consulting services for custom adhesive products, DermaMed can provide you with the expertise and manufacturing capabilities.

Breathable Films

Full coverage and pattern-printed films for advanced wound care, utilizing a variety of highly breathable urethanes (MVTR) with a broad selection of coefficients of friction (CoF).

These films provide an excellent adhesive barrier and facilitate the healing process because they allow moisture vapor to pass through while preventing dirt, liquid, and other contaminants from entering the wound. The film can easily conform to all contours of the body and adjust to body movement without affecting the adhesion bond.


Soft, flexible, water-repellent, and absorbent foams suit a range of wound dressing and medical device cushioning needs.


Adhesive laminating fabrication capabilities allow for customizing composites from a range of materials including foam-to-woven and foam-to-foam. Explore the possibilities.

Polyester Films

Pressure-sensitive polyester films are flexible and fulfill a range of medical and healthcare demands.

Polyethylene Films

Innovative polyethylene film tapes provide superior adhesive bonding and a protective barrier in a variety of gauges and finishes that can be customized for sensitive medical applications.

Transfer Adhesives

Full coverage and pattern-printed transfer adhesives supplied with a dry edge can be tailored to accommodate specific skin contact or pressure- sensitive application requirements.

Wovens & Non-wovens

Adhesive tapes made from fabrics (synthetic and natural fibers) are flexible, breathable, durable, and customized to suit the most complex applications.

Wovens have a unique structure that is flexible and conformable along with a superior strength-to-weight ratio. Nonwovens are also customarily used with medical adhesives due to their strength and flexibility. Both wovens and nonwovens can be tailored specifically for the needs of each customer and developed into custom adhesive products that perfectly suit the intended use.

From Development to Delivery — Meet Our Innovative Adhesive Solutions

Skin-safe adhesives provide a range of uses, making them accessible to everyone from medical professionals to everyday consumers. With the convenience and effectiveness of skin adhesive tapes driving its growing demand, these versatile materials have become indispensable in many areas.

DermaMed develops innovative skin contact adhesive products for the medical, consumer, and specialty industrial markets. As a custom contract coater and consulting resource, we partner with you from early in the process. We work as an extension of your team to produce high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions for the most complex needs.

Our product catalog is just a starting point and includes an ever-evolving menu of advanced adhesive solutions. You’ll find DermaMed adhesive tapes in medical disposables and dressings, and on diagnostic backing cards, electrodes, biosensors, and surgical drapes. Our low-trauma adhesive bandages for sensitive skin accommodate applications like ostomy care, neonatal and geriatric skin care.

We don’t box you in. When your requirements are beyond what an off-the-shelf adhesive can deliver, DermaMed’s chemists and engineers find the answer, tapping into an extensive selection of adhesive formulations, coating techniques, specialty substrates and release liners. The possibilities are virtually endless.

We are dedicated to developing the top-quality adhesives for skin through rigorous testing and using the highest grade of ingredients and advanced technologies to create products that meet all of our customers’ needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Transfer adhesives
  • Single-coated adhesives
  • Double-sided coated adhesives
  • Pattern-printed adhesives
  • Water-soluble films
  • Non-woven and woven tapes
  • Foams
  • Release liners and films
  • Specialty films
  • Zone-coated adhesives
  • Conductive films
  • Medical and biocompatible adhesives
  • Long-term adhesives for wearable devices
  • Low-trauma easy-release adhesives