Wound Care Adhesives Designed with Comfort in Mind

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DermaMed’s specialty wound care adhesives are designed for a broad array of applications, from acute surgical incisions to to long-term wound healing.

Our wound care solutions can be applied directly to sutures, securing and conforming to the skin without “sticking” to the wound. The breathable, flexible adhesive includes a technology to maintain a healthy level of breathability to promote healing without allowing excess moisture to introduce bacteria.

At DermaMed, our team of engineers and market experts partner with you to create unique wound care solutions that suit your specific application requirements. Leverage our supplier resources, prototyping services and scalability to take products from concept to completion and beyond. We are always here to support you.

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DermaMed can take you from concept to product launch and beyond. Our team of technical experts, chemists and engineers produces high-performance specialty adhesive coatings for a range of applications. How can we help?