Low-Trauma Adhesives for Easy Application

Low Trauma Adhesive Solutions

Low trauma pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are commonly used in stick-to-skin medical devices. These adhesives are designed to provide a secure attachment to the skin while minimizing trauma or damage upon removal. They offer several advantages, such as gentle adhesion, ease of application, compatibility with sensitive skin, and even repositionability.

For wound care applications, low trauma PSAs must provide reliable adhesion to the skin for extended periods without causing discomfort, skin irritation or disruption of the wound healing process upon removal.

In the case of newborns and elderly individuals, their skin tends to be more fragile, thin, and susceptible to damage or irritation. Therefore, adhesives specifically formulated for the sensitive skin of the neonatal and geriatric populations are crucial to ensure both adhesion and skin health.

Lastly, low trauma adhesives can also offer repositionability properties which is an important characteristic when it comes to applications on the skin. This allows healthcare professionals to adjust and precisely position electrodes or sensors, or endotracheal tube securements on the skin.

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