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Consumer Adhesive Products

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From specialty adhesives with unidirectional elasticity for nasal strips to tension relief tapes designed for scar therapy, DermaMed produces consumer adhesive products for over-the-counter use. We bring deep industry knowledge and experience to act as a resource to support your development of leading-edge solutions, including CBD-infused products to scented breathing strips and patches for Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems.

Because we offer small sample runs and can scale up to accommodate demand and brand expansion, DermaMed can grow with you as you innovate and introduce consumer adhesives to retailers. Because of our relationships with vendors and specialty in “non-standard” solutions, our team has the bandwidth and background to guide the process and get products to market on time.

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DermaMed can take you from concept to product launch and beyond. Our team of technical experts, chemists and engineers produces high-performance specialty adhesive coatings for a range of applications. How can we help?