Specializing in Custom Adhesives for Medical Applications

Extensive adhesive coating development and manufacturing capabilities mean DermaMed can fulfill a wide range of needs. Because of DermaMed’s capabilities and ability to customize adhesives, our coated materials are found in a range of medical applications, from medical instrumentation to surgical dressings, electrodes and transparent film dressings. Our tapes are suitable for ostomy, neonatal and geriatric skin care. 



Wound Care Solutions:

Medical and Biocompatible Adhesives
DermaMed’s custom, pattern-printed adhesives meet the rapidly growing demand for high moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) pressure-sensitive adhesive applications in the medical and healthcare markets. Breathable, pattern-printed tapes are ideal for wound care applications. We can develop custom adhesive formulations for medical applications and adhesive coating techniques for a variety of films. 

Custom Adhesives:

Consulting and R&D Services
DermaMed’s relationships with raw materials suppliers gives you access to the latest adhesive technologies and materials—with a value-added advantage. We have an on-site lab where we develop products based on stringent performance criteria. Our chemists customize adhesives with the characteristics your product requires. Then, we conduct trial testing to ensure it meets specifications. At DermaMed, we offer the flexibility of smaller runs and scale-up trials. Standard tapes are also available. 



Manufacturing Capabilities: 

  • Coating—knife-over-roll and gravure at 60 inches
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) solvent products
  • Emulsion-based acrylic products
  • Latex-free rubber products
  • Castproprietary materials and solutions high-performance adhesives for diagnostic backing cards
  • Slitting
  • Liner scoring
  • Laminating
  • Corona Treatment
  • Adhesive Printing
  • Zone Coating
  • Toll Coating 


Learn more about working with a DermaMed research and development specialist to customize an adhesive solution for your needs.