From Development to Delivery—Meet Our Adhesive Materials and Products

DermaMed’s experience as a custom contract coater allows us to provide you with a wide range of materials and products to suit your application. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us about consulting services. Our engineers can work with your R&D group to develop products, or our team will help you customize an adhesive solution to meet your needs. 



Our expertise includes:

  • Transfer tape pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Single-coated pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Double-sided coating adhesives
  • Hydrophobic tapes
  • Water-soluble films
  • Non-wovens and woven tapes
  • Foams
  • Release liners and films
  • Specialty films
  • Optically clear films
  • Conductive films



Where You’ll Find DermaMed Adhesives

We are dedicated to delivering innovative adhesive applications to the medical and pharmaceutical markets. You’ll find our adhesive solutions at work in medical instrumentation and dressings—surgical, post-operative, island and transparent film. Our adhesives are used for diagnostic backing cards, electrodes, biosensors and surgical drapes. Professionals in pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and homeopathic practices rely on DermaMed adhesives. And, our coatings are well suited for ostomy care, and neonatal and geriatric skin care. 


Learn more about our capabilities. Join us in the lab. At DermaMed, you don’t have to choose from an off-the-shelf adhesive because our team of experts can work with you during the product development process.