Unlocking the Advantages of Adhesive-Coated Polyurethane Films for NPWT Dressings

by | Apr 11, 2024

Adhesive-coated polyurethane films stand as essential components in the domain of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) devices, offering a wealth of benefits crucial for effective wound healing. These films embody a suite of features vital for optimal wound management, including transparency, breathability, flexibility, and conformability.

Monitoring and Protection

Transparency plays a pivotal role in NPWT dressings, enabling healthcare providers to monitor wound progress without the need for frequent dressing changes. Enhanced by a medical-grade adhesive, these films create an airtight seal, safeguarding wounds from external contaminants and fostering sterility.

Moisture Management

Moisture resistance is another key attribute of adhesive-coated polyurethane films. By preventing excess moisture from entering the wound area and selectively permeating to facilitate exudate removal, these films maintain controlled negative pressure within the dressing, promoting an optimal healing environment.

Breathability and Wound Healing

Central to the efficacy of these films is their breathability. Oxygen permeability allows vital oxygen to reach the wound site, supporting cellular metabolism and tissue formation, while moisture vapor transmission prevents maceration and preserves the ideal moisture balance necessary for healing.

Patient Comfort and Adhesive Selection

Ensuring patient comfort and skin integrity during extended wear is paramount. The selection of the right combination of film and medical grade adhesive for skin is crucial to secure adhesion and mitigate pain during dressing changes, contributing to overall patient satisfaction and compliance.

Overall Benefits and Clinical Efficiency

The benefits derived from adhesive-coated polyurethane films are manifold. They foster accelerated wound healing by creating a controlled environment, minimizing infection risk, and promoting a stable healing environment. Moreover, these films support clinical efficiency by facilitating easy wound monitoring and enabling timely adjustments to treatment strategies.


In sum, adhesive-coated polyurethane films such as those offered by DermaMed Coatings, are indispensable tools in the realm of wound healing. Their myriad benefits, ranging from transparency and moisture management to breathability and patient comfort, contribute to swifter, more efficient, and more comfortable recovery processes for patients undergoing NPWT treatment. By harnessing the advantages of these films, healthcare providers can optimize wound care outcomes and improve patient quality of life.

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