The Many Uses and Benefits of Polyurethane Film Tapes in Stick-to-Skin Applications

by | Jun 26, 2023

Pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated polyurethane films offer many benefits and have a wide range of applications in the medical and cosmetic industries, especially for skin adhesive tape applications. These films provide exceptional adhesive properties, durability, conformability, and breathability, making them ideal for various end-use applications.

In the medical field, pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated polyurethane films are widely used for skin adhesive tape applications such as negative pressure wound therapy, surgical drapes, and medical tapes. The films adhere securely to the skin, providing a reliable and long-lasting bond. They are designed to be gentle on the skin, causing minimal irritation or trauma upon removal. The flexibility of these films allows them to conform to body contours, ensuring patient comfort. Polyurethane films may also provide a protective barrier against bacteria and contaminants to prevent infection and help speed healing.

These films can also be used in wearable technology and medical device applications such as sensors, electrodes, or drug delivery patches requiring direct attachment to the skin. The films provide a comfortable and secure bond, allowing for accurate data collection and effective treatment delivery. Their biocompatibility ensures safe use on the skin, minimizing the risk of irritation.  The adhesive properties of these films are designed to ensure a secure attachment, providing reliable performance in challenging environments.

For cosmetic applications, pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated polyurethane films are widely used for stick-on cosmetic products such as scar therapy, tattoo aftercare, and other skin patches. These films offer excellent adhesion to the skin, ensuring a seamless and natural appearance. The films are resistant to moisture and sweat, ensuring the longevity and durability of cosmetic applications.

In conclusion, pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated polyurethane films offer a variety of benefits in a direct skin contact application.  Their exceptional adhesion properties, durability, conformability, and breathability make them ideal for wound dressings, surgical drapes, wearable sensors, and cosmetic applications. It’s important to partner with a medical adhesive tape supplier who understands the unique requirements of these applications and can walk you through the process of selecting the ideal solution.  DermaMed is an ISO 13485-certified company offering a variety of skin-safe adhesive solutions.  Contact us today to learn how our unique pattern and gravure adhesive coating capabilities can enhance the adhesion and breathability of adhesive-coated polyurethane films.