The Application of Medical Adhesive Tape

by | Nov 12, 2020

Choosing a medical adhesive tap manufacturer shouldn’t be left up to chance. Before making a selection, you must consider the application environment the tape will be used in. Then, you must choose a manufacturer who can develop a tape with the proper characteristics. Here are some factors every application should evaluate.


The moisture in the air where the tape will be used is an essential consideration to ensure proper adhesion. Understanding whether the tape will be used in an overly dry or wet environment will affect the chemical composition that will work best for the tape.


The temperature range at which the medical adhesive tape will be used will also have a direct impact on its performance. Extreme temperature ranges can be tricky to deal with, as some tapes are only suitable for cold, hot, or “room temperature” conditions. Careful planning must be done for a tape to work effectively in extreme ranges.


Finally, you must consider how long the tape is supposed to last. Some medical tape is designed to last for three or four days. In other applications, patients may need to have bandages changed daily, or even more frequently. Durability that matches medical guidelines for tape performance is an absolute must for patient safety.

No matter what type of application you will be using your medical adhesive tape for, you can count on DermaMed products to deliver dependable outcomes. Contact our team today to learn more about our capabilities and production options.