Technical Support

Gain a Competitive Edge with Our Innovative Adhesive Coatings  

DermaMed is often the first to offer the latest adhesive coating solutions, especially for skin contact medical adhesives. That’s because of our long-standing relationships with raw material suppliers. When you partner with DermaMed for your adhesive product needs, our experience and access to materials becomes your competitive advantage. 



Don’t Settle for Off-the-Shelf.

Many larger adhesive coaters require that you select from their product lines. But DermaMed can help customize products and perform short-runs, and then scale up for production runs. Our engineers work with our customers in developing a custom solution to meet your pressure-sensitive adhesive needs. 

Visit our Laboratory.


DermaMed technicians are researching and testing products that meet various performance criteria including: 

  • Adhesion to steel and HDPE
  • Release
  • Tack
  • Shear
  • Loop
  • Polyken Probe
  • MVTR ASTM E-96
  • Accelerated aging