Wound Care Solutions

DermaMed products are used for a wide variety of applications, from medical instruments to surgical dressings. Wound care solutions are a particular area of emphasis for our team, in part thanks to increasing demand for moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) pressure sensitive adhesives. Here is how we create effective wound care solutions.

Developing the Possibilities

Versatility is an absolute must in wound care. Our team is dedicated to producing breathable, pattern-printed tapes that meet sanitary and performance requirements. Years of field expertise are further strengthened by our wide range of manufacturing capabilities.

To help you provide high-quality wound care, our facility can produce latex-free rubber products. We can also perform key tasks like toll coating, corona treatment, slitting, and laminating to engineer custom solutions for our clients.

Understanding the Risk

Wound care adhesives can pose a risk to patients if non-biocompatible materials are used, with side effects ranging from skin irritation to an adverse systemic reaction. To avoid such situations, our team strictly follows all government regulations regarding biocompatibility, as well as industry best practices. 

With a focus on custom solutions, our experienced team ensures that our wound care products will provide safe, effective treatment for your patients. To learn more about how our capabilities can help with your application, contact us today.