Providing Technical Support

No matter how complex your adhesive requirements may be, DermaMed Coatings Company is ready to help. Our team can provide technical support, and consulting to ensure you get products that deliver the performance you need.

Tackling Unique Challenges

DermaMed is usually the first to offer the latest tech in coating solutions. Our field experience, access to raw materials, and manufacturing capabilities allow us to readily implement new innovations and fine-tune every detail of your project.

Unlike coaters who require their customers to select from a catalogue of standard medical adhesives and tapes, our team welcomes any challenge. We work with your design team for custom solutions, perform short runs, and then scale up production to meet your demand. In addition, our technicians are constantly searching for new products to meet performance criteria and find innovations in adhesion, tack, shear, release, MVTR, and other important areas.

Laboratory and Testing

To help you find the right medical adhesive tape solution, our team will partner with you to design the best possible outcome for your situation. We will test and sample several products to ensure the final result meets your performance criteria. You can see this for yourself by visiting our facility. You can sample our adhesives through toll coating, or use trial time on our equipment. Our testing ensures the final product lives up to expectations.

Finding workable solutions for complex medical applications isn’t always easy. When you work with DermaMed, however, you gain access to an experienced team with the capability to produce a wide variety of medical adhesive tapes. Drawing from our expertise to develop a custom solution will ensure that you achieve quality outcomes for your patients.