Learn More About the Variety of Wound Care Solutions We Offer

DermaMed specializes in developing custom medical adhesives for numerous applications across the healthcare field. One common use of our products are wound care solutions for patients. 

Expertise in Wound Care

In the wound care industry, our products are utilized for a broad range of applications, including medical instruments and devices along with film and surgical dressings.

Our custom adhesives help meet the ever-growing demand for moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) pressure-sensitive medical adhesives. We develop breathable, pattern-printed tapes that are suited for varying wound care needs.

There are a number of adverse risks that can occur from issues with materials used in medical devices or wound care applications. Examples ranging from minor irritation to adverse systemic reactions can appear due to materials that are not biocompatible. Each of our products, however, strictly follow best practices and government regulations related to biocompatibility. Our products are ideal for infants and those in the geriatric population (and everyone in between). 

Our Capabilities

With a demand for breathable, pattern-printed tapes in the wound care industry, we have a team dedicated to create these quality medical adhesives. We have a range of manufacturing capabilities — including latex-free rubber products, slitting, laminating, corona treatment, and toll coating, to name a few — to go along with our expertise in the field engineering customized solutions for our customers. 

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