Examples of Medical Adhesives

There are several different types of adhesives that are commonly used throughout the medical industry. These products are utilized in surgical procedures, appliance bonding, and wound care dressings. Here are a few of the types of medical adhesives and their main features. 

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are composed of several different materials including rubbers, acrylate, and silicone formulations. This type of adhesive bonds to a surface once it is pressed on to the substrate. 

These adhesives are often made in woven or non-woven variations and are commonly used as bandages and even double-sided tapes. 

Dissolvable Adhesives

Dissolvable adhesive films are designed to react and then dissolve when they come in contact with a specific variable. The most common dissolvable adhesives react to heat or liquids, notably body liquids. 

Electrical Conductive Adhesives

These adhesives are manufactured with materials that are compatible with medical sensor devices and electrodes. They come as either a film or gel form and include pharmaceutical ingredients. 

There are many variations of medical adhesives and films and they can include a wide range of materials. There are several synthetic and biological materials, for example, that are utilized in medical adhesives. They can be made to cure or activate in a variety of ways. 

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