Custom Products for Custom Needs

At DermaMed, we pride ourselves on our custom capabilities. We even have an on-site lab and chemist available to facilitate the manufacturing of your custom-coated products. Here’s how we get this done.

Our On-Site Lab and Capabilities

Having an on-site lab and chemists to design and manufacture your custom adhesives is just one part of the process. We back this up by conducting extensive trial testing on each of our products to ensure that they meet your desired specifications and our high quality standards. 

Double-Sided Adhesives

Double-sided coating adhesives are among our most popular products. We consider them to be one of our specialty capabilities. These double-sided tapes are tough, designed to withstand exposure to humidity and water. High-performance emulsion and solvents ensure adhesion to material surfaces that other adhesives can’t bond with. The ability to meet tough bonding challenges makes this a great choice for a wide range of medical applications.

Our Capabilities

Once we’ve developed a custom product and done some initial testing, small-scale runs and scale-up trials are also available to ensure your product fully meets expectations. A diverse range of manufacturing capabilities, such as coating, slitting, and laminating ensure that we are well-equipped to meet the unique demands of your project.

No matter what type of custom medical adhesive you need made, you can trust the DermaMed team to get it done. We look forward to working with you on your next project!