Custom Manufactured Adhesives

April 04, 2019

When we develop adhesive solutions for clients we rely on our years of experience in the industry as well as our manufacturing capabilities to create customized products. 

Our extensive adhesive coating development and capabilities mean we can fulfill a wide range of needs and projects.

Our products are found in a variety of medical devices, instruments, surgical dressings, electrodes, and more. Just a few of our manufacturing capabilities include a coating (knife over roll and gravure at 60 inches), laminating, slitting, corona treatment, and toll coating. 

We have the capacity to develop custom, printed-pattern adhesives for moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) applications in the market. Our breathable tapes are perfectly suited for wound care uses.

We can also create custom adhesive formulas and adhesive coating for a variety of films. 

We have an on-site lab where we develop our products based on strict performance criteria and our chemists can customize adhesives made just for your needs.

Finally, we can conduct trial testing, offer small scale runs, and scale up trials in order to ensure our products can perform to your requirements. 

Our manufacturing and design capabilities are suitable for ostomy care, geriatric skin care, and neonatal. Contact us today and we can develop a solution that’s right for you.