Custom Adhesives for Medical Application

May 23, 2018

Continuing growth in the medical and surgical device markets to meet the demands of an aging population has led to increase research and the use of custom adhesives for medical applications.

DermaMed Coatings Company is an industry leader in researching and developing custom medical adhesives for wound dressings, surgical dressings, island dressings, ostomy care, and a variety of other medical uses.

The industry is growing in a variety of ways, such as the growth in available materials used for all sorts of adhesive solutions.

Our engineers are experienced and ready to work with you on any issue that is also tailored to your needs. DermaMed offers medical grade pressure sensitive tapes for surgery, wound care, electrical drapes, wearable devices, and many more applications. Our adhesives come in a variety of standard products, as well as customized solutions in an increasingly advanced segment of the medical field.

If you are in search of a standard medical adhesive or a customized adhesive solution for any medical solution, please reach out to the engineers, chemists, and development team at DermaMed for the best possible solution to your unique issues.

Our team is excited to work on your project and develop a cost-effective solution.