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We are a custom contractor with years of experiencing solving nuanced issues with medical adhesives. But at DermaMed we offer much more than that. We also have a wide range of products to help your medical adhesive problems. 

Our expertise includes transfer tape pressure-sensitive adhesives, single and double-sided coating adhesives, water-soluble films, foams, woven and non-woven tapes, plus specialty films. 

If you believe you need another product, contact us about consulting services. DermaMed offers several standard tapes and adhesive solutions. We specialize in custom adhesives for medical applications. Our expertise in this field gives you access to the latest technologies and materials. We also employ an on-site laboratory where we can create products based on stringent performance criteria.

DermaMed chemists can customize an adhesive with the qualities you require, and then we perform trial tests to ensure the product is in compliance. 

You will find our products across the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Our innovative adhesives are used in medical instruments, dressings (surgical, post-operative, island, and transparent film), electrodes, surgical drapes, and other applications. 

Our engineers can work with you during research and development, and our team can make the product a reality.

With DermaMed working on your project, you can feel confident we will bring you the best product for you. Contact us today to see how the DermaMed team can help you solve your medical adhesive issue.