Multi-Layer Lamination Tape – Your Barrier Against Water and Body Fluids

by | Oct 16, 2023

Multi-layer lamination tapes add a layer of protection to standard pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. DermaMed’s DM-6001 is a specialized multi-layer medical tape featuring a clear polyurethane film laminated to a spunlaced polyester nonwoven tape. This tape is coated with a skin-safe adhesive on one side and is conveniently supplied on a paper liner.

Non-Woven and Polyurethane Film Layers

The flexible nature of the non-woven and polyurethane film layers allows for comfortable use on various body contours. The medical-grade acrylic adhesive is biocompatibility tested and offers strong adhesion, ensuring the tape securely bonds to the skin without causing discomfort or irritation.

The moisture-resistant properties of this tape construction make it suitable for a range of medical applications, including surgical dressings, wound care, emergency first aid, and wearable sensors. The polyurethane film layer creates a barrier, repelling water, and body fluids away from the non-woven layer while maintaining a level of breathability for extended wear applications.

With the convenience of easy application and versatile usage, DM-6001 stands as a durable, long-lasting solution for medical professionals, ensuring patient comfort and optimal healthcare outcomes.

DermaMed’s multi-layer manufacturing capabilities also allow for customizing the tape construction from a range of materials from foams to wovens and non-wovens to polyurethanes. Ask us if adding a lamination layer can enhance your product’s performance. If you like more information on this product or about DermaMed, please contact us today!

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