Hydrophobic Tape

by | Feb 19, 2020

Across the medical community, dealing with water is a common challenge many professionals face when treating patients. Hydrophobic adhesives are one way medical professionals combat water and moisture.

What is Hydrophobic Tape?

Hydrophobic tapes are able to repel water molecules. Conversely, tapes and adhesives which absorb water are called hydrophilic. Both types of tapes and adhesives have specific uses in the medical industry, depending on the requirements. Hydrophobic materials rely on an increased contact angle of water molecules when they come into contact with a given material. The greater the contact angle is for a specific material, the less adhesion force there is for a water droplet to absorb into the material. This water repelling ability occurs naturally in the Lotus leaf. Instead of water sticking to a Lotus leaf, droplets roll off and clean any dirt or debris in the process.

Uses of Hydrophobic Tape

Hydrophobic adhesives and tapes have a lower retention of dirt and other debris compared to hydrophilic materials. The repellent nature of hydrophobic tapes allow water droplets to run off-essentially clearing debris and dirt from the surface of the material. This property helps improve moisture and corrosion resistance as well as extend the life of a coating and substrate. In the medical field, hydrophobic properties are seen mostly in skin-contact tapes, but there is also a growing use of hydrophobic adhesives in the biomedical field. This is due to the adhesives being able to assist in the prevention of bacterial growth.

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