Enhancing Comfort and Care: The Advantages of Gentle Adhesives for Stick-to-Skin Products – Part 2

by | Sep 5, 2023

This is part 2 of our 2-part post reviewing the advantages of gentle adhesives for stick-to-skin products. In part 2 we will be covering examples of specific stick-to-skin products which utilize gentle adhesives.

The significance of pressure-sensitive adhesives offering gentle adhesion resonates across a diverse range of stick-to-skin product applications, ushering in new opportunities for increased user comfort and efficacy. These specialized adhesives are a perfect example of the delicate balance between secure attachment and low-trauma skin adhesion, making them a crucial component in numerous circumstances.

In wound care, gentle adhesives can help support the healing process by ensuring wound dressings adhere gently yet firmly, protecting the healing area while minimizing potential skin disruption. The landscape of intravenous (IV) catheter securement also benefits as these adhesives enable reliable bonding without causing discomfort during catheter removal, resulting in an enhanced experience for the patient during medical procedures.

Ostomy appliances are another potential partner to these adhesives, which provide secure yet gentle attachment around stomas, reducing skin irritation and improving patient comfort. Like ostomy products, gentle adhesives can be used for affixing incontinence management products to sensitive areas of a patient’s skin. In these cases, the adhesive must provide gentle adhesion without sacrificing holding power.

Wearable sensors, which are vital for continuous health monitoring, are elevated by these adhesives that enable consistent adherence without causing irritation, leading to accurate data collection throughout the wear duration. Electrocardiogram (ECG) electrodes, pivotal for heart monitoring, are another ideal candidate for gentle adhesives especially in neonatal applications which depend on these adhesives for their ability to secure the electrodes effectively while minimizing skin trauma, ensuring both reliable readings and patient comfort.

In the realm of pain relief patches and dermal patches for medication delivery systems, these adhesives strike the balance between reliable attachment and maintaining skin integrity, offering patients comfort during therapeutic applications. Respiratory therapy takes on a new dimension as nasal cannulas and oxygen tubing are adhered to sensitive areas around the nose and mouth using gentle adhesives, reducing discomfort, and increasing patient satisfaction.

Post-surgical incision dressings gain a vital companion in these adhesives, which not only protect surgical sites but also prevent disruption of the healing process upon changing or removal of the dressing. Cosmetic patches such as those placed under the eye for treating puffy eyes, dark circles, and wrinkles adhere comfortably to the skin, minimizing discomfort, especially around these delicate areas.

In eye care, medical-grade eye patches such as those for vision correction offer secure attachment to sensitive areas around the eye with gentle adhesives, ensuring effective treatment without compromising comfort. Even in the context of post-tattoo or post-piercing care, these adhesives offer protection to sensitive healing areas, fostering effortless recoveries.

Not to be overlooked, repositionability is another benefit available with the use of gentle adhesives. Depending on the end-use application, a gentle adhesive may enable the device to be repositioned on the skin without causing irritation. This is beneficial in applications where a sensor requires relocation to acquire a better signal or a wound dressing or eye patch repositioned for improved patient comfort.

The common thread weaving through these diverse stick-to-skin product applications is the strategic incorporation of pressure-sensitive adhesives with gentle adhesion attributes. This combination of reliability and user comfort underscores the commitment to enhancing user experiences across various medical interventions.

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