DM-2065: The Ultimate Solution for Pulse Oximeter Sensors – A Blend of Elasticity, Durability, and Skin-Friendly Adhesion

by | Dec 4, 2023

Woven Fabric with Latex-free, Rubber-based Medical Adhesive

We are thrilled to introduce DM-2065, a solution tailored for diverse medical device applications, including pulse oximeter sensors. At DermaMed Coatings, we take pride in presenting this innovative product, featuring a beige, elastic woven fabric coated on one side with a latex-free, pressure-sensitive rubber-based, medical adhesive. DM-2065 stands out for its exceptional elasticity, durability, and skin-friendly adhesion, making it the ideal choice for medical professionals and patients alike.

Key Features:

Exceptional Elasticity for Comfortable Fit:

DM-2065 is meticulously manufactured from a beige, elastic woven fabric, providing superior stretchability and flexibility.

Latex-Free Formulation:

The latex-free adhesive in DM-2065 ensures compatibility with individuals having latex allergies or sensitivities without compromising adhesion quality.

Robust Adhesive for Reliable Bonding:

Coated with a pressure-sensitive rubber-based adhesive, DM-2065 offers robust adhesion capabilities. This unique adhesive enhances product durability and provides a secure bond when wrapped around itself or for adhering to various skin types.


Optimal Elasticity for Precise Positioning:

DM-2065’s excellent stretch and recovery allow it to conform comfortably to body contours. This feature ensures a comfortable and secure fit, especially in pulse oximeter sensors, where precise positioning and adjustments are crucial for achieving accurate readings while also withstanding constant movement.

Skin-Friendly Formulation:

DM-2065’s skin-friendly nature minimizes the risk of irritation or trauma even on the most delicate skin types, while ensuring extended wear without discomfort, making it ideal for applications like pulse oximetry.

Durable and Secure Adhesion for Reliable Monitoring in Pulse Oximeters:

The latex-free, rubber-based adhesive provides durable and secure bonding, ensuring that pulse oximeter sensors maintain consistent skin contact. This consistent contact is essential for accurate and reliable oxygen saturation readings, enhancing the reliability of medical data.

Versatile Applications, Including Pulse Oximeter Sensors:

DM-2065 finds its place in various medical device applications, including pulse oximeter sensors, where accuracy and comfort are paramount. Its exceptional features make it adaptable for orthopedic supports, wound dressings, bandages, sports wraps, and athletic tapes, ensuring reliable and comfortable usage in diverse scenarios.


DM-2065 from DermaMed Coatings stands as an unparalleled choice for medical device manufacturers. Its exceptional elasticity, skin-friendly adhesive formulation, and durable adhesion qualities make it an indispensable solution in the healthcare industry. Experience the superior performance of DM-2065 and enhance your medical devices with reliability and unparalleled patient comfort. For further inquiries, technical specifications, and sample requests, please contact us. 

DermaMed Coatings is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485-certified adhesive tape manufacturer offering standard products and customizable solutions to meet the specific end-use requirements for your medical device.