The History of DermaMed

The DermaMed team has been working hard to make strides in the medical adhesive industry, developing solutions for a wide range of applications. 

Who We Are

Our company is rooted in advanced adhesive coatings and we have years of experience as a custom contract coater. We understand the nuances of pressure-sensitive adhesives. Our entire team dedicates itself to developing customized solutions that fit each customer’s unique needs. 

We are proud that clients are not limited to choosing products from only a catalog. Instead, our chemists partner with your design team to understand the scope of your project in order to create an adhesive solution matching your requirements. 

What Sets Us Apart

Once a solution has been finalized, we can cost effectively perform a sample run of the product through toll coating. Our machines are even available for customers to run their own materials through trial time. 

Throughout our time in the industry, we have developed strong relationships with our customers and raw material suppliers. We pride ourselves on providing quality customer service and bringing clients the latest in adhesive technology. 

Contact us today if you have a project requiring medical adhesives. We can even offer tours of our Tallmadge facility, which is ISO certified. We are here to serve you!