Why Choose Absorbent Adhesive for Ostomy Care

by | Apr 27, 2023

Ostomy Care

When it comes to ostomy care, it is crucial to find products that are easy to use, comfortable, and safe. One of the essential components of ostomy care is the use of absorbent adhesive products. Let’s dive into why absorbent adhesive is ideal for ostomy care. But before diving into that, let us familiarize ourselves with ostomy and ostomy care.

Understanding Ostomy

Understanding a patient’s illness is crucial in providing effective care.

Ostomy is a surgical intervention that alters the waste elimination process in the body. A stoma is a surgical opening that serves as a new exit pathway for feces or urine. The waste that goes through the stoma is then stored or collected in a pouch. Ostomy is often performed for conditions like Crohn’s disease, colon cancer, or bladder dysfunction.

What is Ostomy Care?

A stoma is technically a wound that must be tended to minimize infection. Regular ostomy care, such as– emptying and changing the ostomy pouch, cleansing the skin around the stoma with gentle products, and ensuring that the skin is protected from irritation or leaks, is essential.

Proper medical supplies such as absorbent adhesive must protect the skin from leaks and irritation. We will explore its benefits on ostomy care in the following sections:

Absorbent Adhesive for Ostomy Care

Absorbent adhesives are specialized wound care products that combine the properties of absorbency and adhesion. In the old days, patients and doctors attach absorbent material to medical plasters when treating wounds. This method often led to an increased risk of infection due to not having a tight seal around the wound, allowing pathogens to come into contact with the skin. Absorbent adhesives are designed to stick around the skin, seal the wound, absorb moisture from bodily waste, and avoid leaks. Absorbent adhesives have become a standard tool in ostomy care.

Benefits of Absorbent Adhesive for Ostomy Care

Why is it ideal to opt for absorbent adhesives rather than traditional absorbent products and medical plaster? Here are some benefits of using absorbent adhesives:

Help Lessen Skin Irritation.

Absorbent adhesives can protect the skin around the stoma from irritation. It keeps the skin dry and reduces the risk of skin breakdown by absorbing moisture from the waste. It is crucial for individuals with sensitive or vulnerable skin. 

Prevent Leaks

Another key benefit of using absorbent adhesive for ostomy care is its ability to provide superior leak protection by effectively absorbing moisture from the waste, reducing the risk of leaks, and ensuring a secure seal between the ostomy pouch and the skin around the stoma. To ensure the highest level of quality and safety, selecting an adhesive manufacturer that is ISO 13485 certified is crucial, as it demonstrates the company’s adherence to processes for design and development, risk management, and quality control.

Improve Patients’ Comfortability 

Using absorbent adhesive for ostomy care enhances patients’ overall comfort and inspires good patient disposition. The secure seal allows for better mobility and eases the changing process. 

Ease the Discomfort of Living With an Ostomy; Opt for Absorbent Adhesives!

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