5 Medical Adhesives for Skin You Should Know About

by | May 18, 2023

Medical adhesives for skin are commonly used in hospitals, such as the tape placed to secure cotton balls after vaccination, or the thicker ones used in medical casts. Each type of medical adhesive has a specific purpose and knowing them can help speed up wound and surgical recoveries.

Medical-grade adhesive tapes play an indispensable role in caring for patients. Knowing the suitable skin-safe adhesive for post-surgical care is vital to avoid infections in taking care of a loved one who has recently undergone a surgical operation. In the same way, parents who have playful kids prone to sprains, scratches, and cuts can benefit from knowing the different medical skin adhesive tapes available in pharmacies.

Here are some of the skin adhesive tapes you should be familiar with:

Breathable Skin Adhesive Tapes

Skin-friendly and breathable adhesive film tapes are necessary for various medical and healthcare applications. The reason behind this is that these adhesive films enable the skin to breathe naturally, which is conducive to healing and helps in preventing bacterial infections and moisture buildup that can exacerbate the problem. This type of tape is ideal for children or elderly family members with sensitive skin.

Absorbent Tapes

Adhesive tapes with high breathability are incredibly useful as they have a high moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR). These tapes are made with absorbent adhesive materials that help manage fluid buildup, which is crucial in preventing infections and promoting wound healing. These absorbent adhesive tapes are widely used in various medical applications such as ostomy care, neonatal care, and geriatric care.

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Self-Adhesive Tapes

Self-adhesive medical tapes are a convenient option for those who are caring for a sick relative at home. These skin adhesive tapes adhere to the skin without additional adhesive products, making them easy to use and cost-effective. They are often used to secure medical devices such as IV lines and catheters, providing a reliable hold without causing discomfort or irritation.

Skin-Safe Adhesive Laminates

Medical tape laminates are a strong and durable option that can provide added protection for wounds or medical devices. If you care for a loved one prone to falls or accidents, medical tape laminates can help ensure that dressings and devices stay in place even during physical activity.

Polyethylene Tapes

Polyethylene films are an excellent option for bandage coverings in the medical field as they are more durable and provide a more secure application on wounds than traditional cotton gauze and other adhesive products. What’s even more interesting is that different grades of polyethylene films are available to cater to the specific needs or situations of the patient.

Medical-grade adhesive tapes are essential for families looking after an ill loved one at home. These skin adhesive tapes are critical in ensuring that dressings and medical devices stay in place and that wounds are protected from infection. 

Reputable Supplier of Various Medical-Grade Skin Adhesive Tapes

Understanding the different types of medical tapes helps you select the right product to ensure you receive the best care your loved ones deserve. The next step is finding a reliable medical-grade medical skin adhesive tape supplier. Not all medical tapes are the same, and finding a brand that offers quality, reasonable price, and variety can be challenging.

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