Wound Care Solutions

Here at DermaMed, many of the medical adhesive tapes we make are specifically meant to be used for wound care. The use of medical and biocompatible adhesives ensures quality outcomes in wound treatment settings.

Moisture Vapor Transmission

We have seen consistently growing demand for medical adhesives that are pressure sensitive and also provide a high moisture vapor transmission rate. In addition to meeting these important requirements that aid in the healing process, our medical adhesive tapes are designed to be fully biocompatible. 

Breathable Materials

We have seen a strong desire for breathable, pattern printed tapes in wound care. We can start here, or help produce custom solutions to better fit your unique application needs.


Price is always a major concern in the medical industry. However, we help you save by enabling bulk purchases. Producing in large quantities allows us to get you the materials you need faster, while helping you enjoy per-unit savings. A fast and efficient manufacturing process enables us to pass our savings on to you.

For wound care solutions that will help you provide quality treatment to patients while staying on budget, you can count on DermaMed. Contact us today to learn more about what our team can do to support your medical adhesive needs.