What Kind of Film Are You Looking For?

May 23, 2018

Did you know that besides providing and developing top-notch quality medical adhesive and custom adhesive solutions for the medical field, DermaMed Coatings Company is also an industry leader of a variety of films used.

Our expertise includes water-soluble films, release liners and films, optically clear films, polyurethane films, conductive films, and transparent films.

But do you know what type of film you need for your next project? Different environments and applications will dictate the best possible film for you.

For instance, water-soluble films are often used in products where a film dissolves when it comes in contact with water. Products that are thrown containing soap or other cleaning supplies into washing machines or dishwashers, as an example use water-soluble films.

And transparent conductive films are thin films that are an integral component to many electrical devices, such as liquid-crystal displays or photovoltaics (made of organic or inorganic materials).

If you believe a film is the answer for your next product, contact DermaMed Coatings Company for a standard solution or reach out to our engineering and development team for a customized film solution. We look forward to working on your next project and developing a solution just for you!