What Are DermaMed Adhesives Used For?

December 13, 2018

DermaMed adhesives are used in a variety of products throughout the medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmeceutical fields. But are you still wondering what types of products feature our adhesive solutions? 

Medical grade adhesives are utilized when professionals use many different types of medical devices.

Medical devices must be sterile for use on patients, but also offer high-precision results. Adhesives for these products come in and help provide both outcomes. 

Our products are also used in a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives that are ideal for wound care and surgical dressings in patients. 

A medical adhesive — just like the ones designed and manufactured at DermaMed — can be used to bond products like syringes, dialysis filters, and blood bags. Adhesives use a variety of materials in order to form the proper coatings and to perfectly adhere to, based on their application. 

Adhesives are also used to bond elements of the product together, needle bonding, and bonding plastic enclosures. 

These adhesives must also be designed similar to the products for which they are used. For example, certain medical products are disposable in nature while others are reusable. Medical grade adhesives can also be designed for these qualities. 

Our extensive adhesive coating development and manufacturing capabilities mean that we can meet a wide range of needs for our clients.

We have the ability to customize an adhesive solution specifically for you. 

Contact a DermaMed representative today to see how we can help bring our expertise to deliver your solutions!