The Uses of Water Soluble Films

March 12, 2018

Besides an expertise in adhesive solutions and custom medical tape, DermaMed Coatings Company also has expertise in other polymer films, such as polyurethane films, across the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and homeopathic practices.

One type of these films DermaMed has expertise in are water soluble films.

Water soluble films, often times seen labeled as PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) water soluble films, are a type of product that is used to keep products from coming into contact with the rest of the environment, but resides in a container that will dissolve once in contact with water.

Water soluble films are often used in packaging, transfer printing, in laundry bags, and are being developed for numerous other uses.

Think of your Tide Pods — the chemicals used to wash your dishes must be durable enough to not break open until coming into contact with water, thereby releasing the chemicals at the proper time.

Besides water soluble films, DermaMed also has experience in developing optically clear films, conductive, and other films for use across the medical fields and will work with you to develop solutions to your specific needs.