Pressure Sensitive Medical Adhesives

Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape is an important product, typically made from either rubber, acrylic, or silicone. While it is seeing wide use in many industries, it is also extremely important in the medical field — and that’s where DermaMed seeks to make a difference.

What is PSA Tape?

PSA tape actually encompasses a wide range of adhesives. However, they all are made from thin, flexible materials, and are applied using pressure. No water, heat, or other force is needed to activate the tape’s adhesive properties. The more powerful the pressure used during application, the more powerful the bond.

Thinner & Lighter Materials

Because PSA tape only needs pressure to be applied, it can be manufactured using thinner and lighter materials, while still creating a strong bond for medical purposes. Even though it has solid holding power, the tape is so light that it can sometimes seem like it isn’t even there. This makes it much easier to work with.

Transfer Tape

One important subset of PSA tape is transfer tape. Transfer tape is made by coating an unsupported mass of adhesive film onto a release liner. Both sides of the film also have a release coat. This makes it easier for transfer tape to conform effectively to irregular surfaces — a common concern in medical work.

Its versatility, light weight, and surprising holding power makes PSA tape extremely important in the medical industry. From forming powerful bonds in medical equipment to joining dressing substrates, we can manufacture PSA tape that meets your specific medical needs.