Performance: Adhesion to Steel and HDPE

March 27, 2019

A common problem for engineers during the design process of pressure sensitive adhesives is when there is a need to bond plastic to any type of metal or alloy. DermaMed Coatings Company has experience with these procedures and experience with these issues.

Particularly, DermaMed has experience in adhesion to steel techniques and HDPE (high-density polyethylene). 

HDPE is a lightweight, yet super strong and durable plastic. It is long-lasting as well as resistant to mildew, mold, or rotting. Yet HDPE presents challenges when trying to bond it to a substrate, such as a metal. 

Creating products that adhere to steel is another challenge since metals have several unique properties which make adhesion a challenge.

Many alloys and metals (like steel) can be seriously affected by particulates, chemicals, oxidized layers, and nearly invisible area scarring and pitting. Processes like corona treatment, plasma treatment, or flame treatment can help successfully bond adhesives to these materials for a variety of medical solutions like tapes or with medical devices. 

DermaMed has the manufacturing capability to perform these processes which allow for bonding to metals or HDPE. 

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