Our Expertise!

November 06, 2018

DermaMed Coatings Company is an experienced contract coater and manufacturer of adhesive solutions. We provide a range of products for the medical and pharmaceutical fields. 

You will find our products in medical instruments, devices used in the medical field, dressings, electrodes, ostomy care, and many other uses. 

Our expertise includes transfer tape pressure-sensitive adhesives, hydrophobic tapes, non-woven and woven tapes, transparent film dressings, and multiple other adhesive solutions. 

As a leader in the custom coating field, we have several manufacturing capabilities we can offer you for your next project. We can perform coating, knife over roll and gravure at 60 inches, slitting, laminating, adhesive printing, toll coating and more. 

We have the ability to customize adhesives and fulfill a wide range of needs.

Our custom, pattern-printed adhesives can meet the growing demand for high MVTR (moisture vapor transmission rates) pressure-sensitive adhesives applications across the medical industry. We can develop a customized adhesive solution that fits your needs. 

The team at DermaMed can also provide you with quality consulting and R&D services. Our relationship with raw material suppliers can help you get access to the latest technologies and materials. We also have an on-site lab to help us develop products based on a strict set of criteria and where our chemists can customize a solution for you. 

We can also provide you with long-term adhesives specifically designed for skin-contact medical devices, which are rapidly changing the medical field. 

For your custom adhesive solutions, choose DermaMed for our expertise in the field.