No Medical Adhesive Need is too Complex for Us

February 15, 2018

For DermaMed Coatings Company, our team doesn’t just specialize in a few product lines. Our specialty is being able to reach a wide variety of needs for clients in the medical field.

And it’s because of our capabilities, we can manufacture an adhesive solution for anything and it’s also why our products are suitable for a variety of applications, such as ostromy, geriatric, and neonatal care.

Our manufacturing capabilities include a wide array of skills like coating (knife-over-roll and gravure), latex-free rubber products, and laminating to name a few. We also are able to do zone coating, toll coating, corona treatments, and more.

Most importantly if you need a customized adhesive solution to fit your needs, you can reach out and work with a DermaMed research and development specialist to develop a fix just for your specific medical application and adhesive coating techniques for a variety of films.

DermaMed has access to the latest adhesive technologies and materials in order to bring you trial-tested solutions.

At DermaMed, where no need is too complex, we have the ability to offer you flexibility in small-scale product runs or scale-up trials. We also have a variety of standard tapes.

Contact us to schedule your medical adhesive solution today.