Medical Adhesives for Movement

Even after a severe injury or a major surgery, many individuals in the recovery process live very active lifestyles. Many therapy programs are designed to help patients get on their feet sooner than ever. Because of this, ensuring that our medical adhesive tapes are built for patients on the move is a top priority.

Temperature Sensitivity

Temperatures can influence an adhesive’s tackiness and performance. Even something as simple as going outside can change the adhesive. Because of this, different chemical makeups are necessary to help adhesives provide high-level performance in various applications. Accounting for temperature changes and other reactions ensures that the right materials are used for the right usage situations.

Versatility of Environments

Medical adhesives can be designed to dissolve easily, or to have the strength to withstand use in medical devices. Depending on the need, compatible performance is possible even with exposure to water, electricity, or extreme temperatures. The ability to function in a wide variety of environments is extremely important with active patients.


Wound care standards require frequent changing of bandages. Our medical adhesive tapes can be easy to remove or apply for more efficient wound care. This can be especially helpful when the patient is away from home.

By accounting for these important factors, you can have confidence that DermaMed products will provide needed aid and protection during the recovery process — for even the most active of patients.