Medical Adhesive Manufacturer in Ohio

At DermaMed, we’re not just proud to make all of our products in the United States — we also love our Ohio location. This isn’t just because we like the weather or our communities. Thanks to our central location in the country, we can quickly, manufacture, and ship medical adhesive tapes throughout the United States. We’re perfectly located to meet your needs.

Our Team

DermaMed’s chemists and engineers are constantly looking for new ways to innovate. Our team takes great pride in solving complex problems and creating medical grade tapes that are used in surgery and wound care, as well as on electrodes and wearable devices. The wide scope of use for our products has given our team extensive experience in aiding in developing truly unique solutions.

Experienced Engineers

Our engineers are ready and able to help design a solution from the ground up. Our talented team is available to work with your design staff to more closely learn the complexities of your requirements and develop something that will fulfill your needs.

Our Capabilities

After developing a solution with your team, we use toll coating to create a cost-effective sample run of your product for additional development and testing. We also offer trial time on our equipment if you want to run your own materials to determine whether a solution is financially feasible.

When you combine a convenient location with a dedicated, highly-skilled team, you’re going to get great results. No matter where you’re located, you can count on DermaMed to deliver quality outcomes with our custom coating and slitting capabilities.