The Many Uses for DermaMed Adhesives

Our adhesives can be used for many different purposes within the medical and pharmaceutical fields. To better meet your needs, we provide a wide variety of products that you can order, or you can have us custom-design an adhesive for your specific application.

Extensive Experience

Our years of industry experience have seen us work with a wide variety of medical and pharmaceutical adhesive. We have designed and manufactured transfer tape pressure-sensitive adhesives, single-coated pressure sensitive adhesives, double-sided coating adhesives, hydrophobic tapes, water soluble films, non-woven tapes, foams, release liners and films, specialty films, optically clear films, and conductive films. 

That’s quite a list — and this wide range of experience gives our team the ability to meet your needs and deliver quality products, even when they need to be custom-made.

Various Applications

Once our adhesives arrive in the “field”,  so to speak, they are used in medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmeceutical applications. They are used for wound care, surgical dressings, and to bond medical devices. Because they are used in literal life or death situations, they must be extremely reliable and of exceptionally high quality. They must meet the associated health standards for their application.

To ensure these outcomes, our products undergo rigorous testing. This way, you can have confidence that they will fulfill the intended application without any problems.

Regardless of the type of adhesive application you need, you can count on our team to provide the expertise and quality you desire. By combining superior manufacturing and design with top-quality customer service, we know we will help you get more out of your medical adhesives.