Manufacture of Biocompatible Adhesives

When dealing with certain medical devices, ensuring that you are working with biocompatible materials is essential. Superior reliability and safety can make all the difference for medical providers and their patients.

What is It?

Biocompatible adhesives are a specialized category of adhesive products that are considered safe for use on or even within the human body. These products have undergone extensive testing to ensure they are biologically inert. This means that they do not produce a toxic response when they come in contact with human bodily fluids or tissue.

An Example Application

Biocompatible adhesives are used in a wide range of applications to improve health care. One example of this is the epoxy used to lock a needle into the hub of a disposable syringe. Tissue adhesives are another common application that are used to close smaller skin wounds.

Benefits of Biocompatible Adhesives

Biocompatible adhesives offer superior resistance to a wide range of chemical sterilants, including bleach, peracetic acid compounds, hydrogen peroxide based systems, ethylene oxide, and more. In addition to providing a safe and sterile adhesive, they also offer high bond strength and fast curing for superior health outcomes.

Here at DermaMed, our extensive experience with medical adhesives ensures that we are well-equipped to produce biocompatible adhesives for your specific application. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we will help you develop an effective solution.