Learn More About What We Do!

February 15, 2018

The DermaMed Coatings Company is a premiere manufacturer of advanced medical adhesives and coatings used throughout the health care industry.

We bring decades of experience to the field and understand the nuances of pressure-sensitive adhesives, or PSAs, to various medical instrumentations and dressings in the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and homeopathic practices.

DermaMed has a large supply of commodity products, but we set ourselves apart with our abilities to offer personalized, and customized products in the field.

Some of our expertise focuses on transfer tape pressure sensitive adhesives, double coated tapes, water soluble films, non-woven and woven tapes, and much more.

And if you need products not listed above, our engineers can work with you during the R&D phase to figure out a solution and offer a customized product.

DermaMed is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 certified facility, and we also met or exceed FDA guidelines. So you know our facility, and products are ready for the test.

Contact us for sample products, ask for a tour, or just reach out. The DermaMed Coatings Company team is ready to work with you for the best outcome.