Learn More About Transfer Tape Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

April 13, 2018

DermaMed Coatings Company, LLC is an industry leader in medical adhesive solutions and our expertise includes transfer tape pressure-sensitive adhesives. There are five different types of pressure-sensitive adhesives such as emulsions, solutions, hot-melts, ultraviolets, and 100% solids. Examples of pressure-sensitive adhesives include labels, graphic films, medical dressing and tapes.

Within the medical field, pressure-sensitive adhesives are used as skin adhesives with catheters, wearable sensors, and wound dressings to name a few applications. And in this rather large segment within the medical and pharmaceutical fields, pressure-sensitive adhesives are trending towards weight reduction while offering high bonding solutions. With DermaMed’s expertise developing medical adhesive solutions, and with our relationships we have built through the years with raw suppliers, the company stands out from competitors for our abilities to bring you custom solutions and standard product lines.

While the pressure-sensitive adhesive industry is growing in the labeling and packaging industries, DermaMed’s products can be found in medical instrumentation and dressings, like surgical, post-operative, island dressings, and transparent film, plus a host of other applications in the health care field. To learn more about our capabilities and expertise with transfer tape pressure-sensitive adhesives, to sample our adhesives, or even schedule a trial time contact our team for a custom quote. We look forward to helping develop innovative solutions to your medical adhesive needs.