Learn More About the Performance of Polyken Probe

August 27, 2019

One of the many products we offer to customers is the Polyken Probe Tack Tester, a product which can help you properly and accurately test your medical adhesives. 

What is the Polyken Probe?

The Polyken Probe Tack Tester is a simple to use machine designed to help test the tack force of your pressure-sensitive adhesives. Once a test is performed, the probe records and displayed the maxi-mum force required to break the bond of the adhesive. 

The Polyken Probe meets the ASTM D2979 standards. 

Specifications of the Polyken Probe

The tester utilizes a precision ground 5-millimeter diameter flat probe to make contact with the adhesive and pull away from it. This machine was designed with a test cycle of one second from the beginning of the contact until the end. 

With the use of an external PC, the Polyken Probe can be coupled with the EZ-Lab System for remote control operation and enhanced data collection. 

The tester can display measured tack force on average, high, and low values plus can store up data from up to 20 tests. Displayed force values can be shown in grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds, or Newtons. 

The Polyken Probe Tack Tester can report 400 data points every one second of sampling. This product is not overly heavy or large and makes testing quick and consistent. 

For more information on how the Polyken Probe can help you, contact DermaMed today!