Learn More About Double-Sided Coating Adhesives

July 23, 2018

Whether you are in search of a permanent or removable adhesive solutions, double-sided tapes and adhesives can provide an answer to the problems you may have.

At DermaMed Coatings Company, double-sided coating adhesives are one of our many specialties and manufacturing capabilities in which we take great pride and have decades of experience.

Double-sided tapes have a variety of uses and applications across the medical and health care fields.

For starters, general purpose tapes are ideal adhesive solutions for laminating to a variety of materials. These tapes are available in several materials and offer excellent performance to aggressive high tack, good thermal stability, and work well in die cutting applications.

But double-sided tapes and adhesives can be used for other applications. For instance, double-sided tapes can be designed to handle your toughest laminating challenges utilizing high performance emulsion and solvents that can provide strong, instantaneous adhesion to traditionally tough material surfaces, like polypropylene or polyethylene.

Double-sided tapes can also be developed to stick when humidity or water is an issue, where opacity at the end of the product is an issue, or to meet other specific bonding challenges.

And of course, we can design and manufacture any type of custom adhesive solution.

For more information about how DermaMed can help develop a double-sided adhesive solution for your next project, please contact us today to begin the process. Our team of chemists are eager to begin working on designing a product that meets your specific requirements.