Get the Competitive Edge You’ve Been Looking For!

November 06, 2018

DermaMed Coatings Company is usually the first custom coater to offer the latest in adhesive solutions. Our relationships with several raw material suppliers can help give you a competitive edge, especially when it comes to skin contact tapes. 

Our experience in the medical adhesive field can directly benefit you and provide you access to the latest technologies and materials in the industry. 

DermaMed can provide you with a list of standard adhesive solutions. But unlike larger coaters, we can provide a customized solution for your needs, perform short runs, and scale up for production runs. Our engineers relish the opportunity to develop a custom solution for customers. 

Our team is constantly developing and testing products to meet a variety of criteria, such as adhesion to steel and HDPE, release, sheer, tack, and more. 

We welcome you to visit our laboratory in order to get a sense of our capabilities. Through toll coating, we can cost-effectively create a sample run of your products and test them.

We also offer trial time on our machines if you need to determine financial feasibility. Plus, our team can partner with your product development team to test your ideas. 

At DermaMed, we go the extra mile to bring our customers the competitive edge with our expertise, equipment, and more! Contact us today or complete an online RFQ to being our partnership!